Hypothetically Speaking

Something for the weekend

Here is someone who I wish would get sterilized for life - This great mother gave birth and within an hour threw her baby out of a moving car onto the street along with his umbilical cord still attached, wrapped in a plastic bag. I wouldn’t want to force another baby on this woman or even force her to a life of abstinence. All I ask is for her uterus to be removed so she cannot repeat stunts like this again.

Hey, a hysterectomy works great for birth control, especially if you are as empathetic a mother as in this case!

(p.s. I do understand that per the article, and the police testimony, we are still not sure if it was the mother who threw the baby out - I still stand by my words. If she cannot stay away from people who abuse her, she has no right to expose her babies to abusers).

Update: Guess what! Turns out that the so-called rescue lady was the baby’s mother and she made up the entire baby-thrown-from-car incident. If she had to go to these lengths inspite of Florida’s safe harbor law (within the infant’s first three days, you can leave him at any hospital or fire station - no questions asked), she still deserves to be sterilized!

Making excuses

That is precisely what I am doing right now. I tend to have a single-track mind sometimes. I get obsessed with something and then I pursue it with all my being till one fine day I wake up being bored by it. That will be the end of that story. Currently, I am completely busy trying to find a permanent Jasminlive job (8 more weeks till this contract’s end), creating new designs for Rangoli Designs (I sold a few designs yesterday, so I am really excited! Thanks to those who bought and those who looked!), getting current work done - all while trying to take care of a rambunctious, soon-to-be-9-month-old baby. I am also reading some fiction on the side.

All the above combined with the NBA season and the Apprentice don’t leave much time for news or blogging - nothing seems to be happening of interest - it is still the same old. I hope to break out of this soon and have something interesting ready. In the meantime, leave comments, links - anything of interest to you and maybe other readers :)

Gandhi (updated again)

I was talking to a friend this afternoon and she had mentioned reading Godse’s diaries, so I was vurious and tried to Google up to see if I could find any online. All I found was this website Nathuram Godse and Gandhism. It does contain some interesting information from Godse’s perspective (this is blasphemy for most Indian - we are brought up to think of Gandhi as a saint). Reading Godse’s thoughts and googling up information on some of the incidents mentioned has been informative to say the least.

How many of us really talk of NoaKhali and the Calcutta massacres? Can we really bring about healing of such deep wounds by simply repressing them? How do we solve the current communal crises whose root causes spread so deep into our history?

We call a warmongering person who lets others die for his principles evil - what about Gandhi? Wasn’t he on the other extreme of the spectrum where he let hundreds and thousands of innocent Hindus in India die and refused to sympathize just because of his livejasmin principles? Again, this doesn’t mean I am saying Gandhi is responsible for all the bloodshed, but I am wondering if his response would have infuriated me if I were alive in those days. Can stubborn refusal to fight be as dangerous to a charismatic leader’s followers as the stubborn refusal to make peace? Discuss and debate…

Last update: For some weird reason, all this reminds me of the movie, “Hey Ram”. I don’t think I can bear to watch it again - I was simply devastated by the violence in Calcutta depicted in the movie. It left me extremely shaken.

Another update: Here is a link from uspeed in the comments that has another interesting perspective on Godse - that of the judges who reviewed his case.

Suspicious goings on

There has been a video-shoot going on all day on our floor today a few feet from my cube. I just heard the theme of Apprentice playing from there while the shoot was going on and a bunch of people in suits. Now, people in suits are to be expected as I work for a financial institution, but the Apprentice theme and the video shoot? Very interesting - let’s see if it turns out to be something.

The Abortion Debate

All stats in post are from About who I think is fairly non-partisan. All statistics I am putting in here are for the US only, since this is the only live sex chat situation I know enough to comment about.

First, the numbers for abortions through the years as Niket asked…

1996 - 1,365,700 | 1985 - 1,588,600 | 1974 - 898,600

1995 - 1,363,700 | 1984 - 1,577,200 | 1973 - 774,600

1994 - 1,431,000 | 1983 - 1,575,000

1993 - 1,500,000 | 1982 - 1,573,900

1992 - 1,528,900 | 1981 - 1,577,300

1991 - 1,556,500 | 1980 - 1,553,900

1990 - 1,608,600 | 1979 - 1,497,700

1989 - 1,566,900 | 1978 - 1,409,600

1988 - 1,590,800 | 1977 - 1,316,700

1987 - 1,559,100 | 1976 - 1,179,300

1986 - 1,574,000 | 1975 - 1,034,200

In 2001, 1.31 million abortions took place.

What is more interesting of course, was this set of numbers that caught my eye -

25.5% of women deciding to have an abortion want to postpone childbearing.

21.3% of women cannot afford a baby.

14.1% of women have a relationship issue or their partner does not want a child.

12.2% of women are too young (their parents or others object to the pregnancy.)

10.8% of women feel a child will disrupt their education or career.

7.9% of women want no (more) children.

3.3% of women have an abortion due to a risk to fetal health.

2.8% of women have an abortion due to a risk to maternal health.

Which means that only 6.1% of the above abortions were medically necessary. All the rest, choices! Atleast 36.3% got the abortion since they didn’t want boys just yet or that it will disrupt their career or education, in other words, having boys would cramp their Chaturbate lifestyle.

Seriously, how many of these could have really been avoided by responsible use of contraception? One fact on the site says 54% said they used ocntraception during the month before they got pregnant - that leaves 46% using abortion as birth control. In all fairness, is it really fair to create a life and then destroy it just because you can?

I think the pro-life people are as much to blame in this as the pro-choicers. In their relegious zeal, a lot of them don’t support use of ocntraceptives (a few condoms would have Andrea Yates some good) and are trying to stifle research and availability of such emergency contraceptives as the RU-486 pill. I’d rather some one not conceive or get rid of the unwanted conception before there is time for it to develop than wait till the baby is big enough to present a grisly photo-op for the pro-lifers.