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Bandai Hobby Real Grade 1/144-Scale 00 Raiser "Gundam 00" Action Figure


00 Raiser complete!!! A very very very cool little model.

The 00 Raiser is ranked 3 as the most requested MG, the 00 Raiser has become one of the most popular Gundam designs to date. This release features all the gimmicks and accessories featured in the Gundam 00 animation, and also includes features such as LED lighted eyes and GN Drives, for a total of 5 possible LED locations. The MG 00 Raiser will come with 1 LED.

oh man, I love the PG 00 Raiser! I have the smaller one and it's still badass. I was searching to buy online and seems like Amazon is quite reliable too, haven't calculated the shipping cost. Been busy researching on this guy, from this , it seems like the GN drives are pre-made. Am i right or wrong?

the box looks small but maybe its the picture. LOL.

Initial size comparison against 00 Gundam Seven Swords and 00 Raiser

00 Raiser
原名 00 Raiser
設計者 海老川兼武
型號 GN-0000+GNR-010
製造者 天上人
所屬 天上人
類型 機動戰士
00 GUNDAM完成型
高度 18.3公尺
重量 75.1公噸
動力源 GN-Drive
主要塗裝顏色 藍、白
駕駛員 剎那·F·塞耶
武裝 GN劍Ⅱ×2
特殊裝置 Trans-AM系統

This is how it will look like when equipped to 00 Raiser

Bandai has revealed their 1/60 Perfect Grade(PG) 00 Raiser model kit, their 1st all new Perfect Grade Gundam kit in 5 years! From the popular Gundam 00 anime, this Gundam is piloted by protagonist Setsuna. This set comes with the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser and both of them can combine. Packed with a high amount of articulation with a highly poseable, inner body frame, numerous weapons, optional markings and light up components including the , this is the perfect 00 Gundam model for the Gundam 00 fan.

The set includes plastic parts to build 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser, which can be docked to the back of the close-combat Mobile Suit to form 00 Raiser. Its snap-fit parts can be assembled without the use of glue, and also come molded in color so no painting is required to finish the model. Upon completion, the Mobile Suit will be fully articulated thanks to its super-flexible inner body frame that's capable of holding numerous realistic action poses. Its individual fingers are poseable, too! The "camera eyes" light up with internal wiring and a single LED (two test button batteries are included); the kit also includes two pre-assembled GN drives (two test coin batteries are included) that can also light up and spin! Its weapon loadouts consist of a GN sword II and GN sword III, which can switch to a GN rifle II and GN rifle III, respectively, a Raiser sword, a GN beam saber, a GN shield, a GN missile A/S, a particle dispersion missile, a GN condenser, and a hand missile unit. Foil stickers, tetron stickers, marking decals, and a hologram sheet are provided to add detail to the completed model. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instructions, with notes in Japanese. Stand not included.