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I dont think we should push the limits this much. There are no "100 films" lists for horror genre. It hasn't been "100 best films" yet. because alot of movies are just carbon copies or simply shit. You can make it "25 best" and thats it.

And there’s no more authoritative survey of the genre than Time Out’s list of the 100 best horror movies – a worthy companion to our existing celebrations of the best , , and movies. Voted by experts in the genre – from geek icon Simon Pegg and legendary director Guillermo Del Toro to rock monster Alice Cooper and world-famous novelist Stephen King – our list covers everything from silent movies to cutting-edge shockers, from the horror movies you love to the cult obscurities you never imagined existed. Why not step inside and check out the 100 best horror films? Don't be scared…

The 100 best films - drama and thriller/action

  • Pan's Labyrinth, a 2006 Mexican co-production, is the highest ranked Mexican or Latin American film on Empire magazine's "100 Best Films Of World Cinema" in 2010.[265]
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    Starring , Dogville is basically Lars von Trier meditating for nearly on how evil he thinks America is. To drive the point home, von Trier ends the avant-garde creeper with a montage of Americans living in poverty set to the tune of David Bowie's "Young Americans." Not exactly subtle, and maybe not exactly something that went down well with American critics during the politically tense times of 2003. Roger Ebert, for example, hated it. Others loved it. Nicole Kidman reportedly refused to work with von Trier ever again after it was completed. It might actually be the most divisive movie of the 20th century, which perhaps is achievement enough to justify its inclusion on the 100 best films of the century.

    100 best horror films (2010) - This is the 100 best horror films of all time, so getting right to it from number 100 and watching all the way down to the number 1 is a reasonable plan. this will expose you to all of the major horror sub-genres as well as creature features and foreign.