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100 Greatest Movies Of All Time

The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time: The List to End All Lists


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I've compiled the best comedies, dramas, family films, action movies, and documentaries to make up the list of The 100 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time.

From the 1920s to modern day works, vampires to werewolves, there’s a little something for everyone here. Check out our official (as voted by myself and an assortment of our site contributors) list of the 100 greatest horror movies of all time!

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Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time, a hardcover guide published in 1999 by Time-Life Inc. and written by senior editor Ty Burr, celebrated films that can't be forgotten, that "help us understand and define who we are." See also Entertainment Weekly's 2013 updated 100 All-Time Greatest Films.

Facts and Commentary About the List:

  • The final list was whittled down from a preliminary collection of 500 nominated choices, excluding short films, documentaries, or any movies from the previous five years (from 1994 onward).
  • The final 100 choices deliberately corrected the American Film Institute's most glaring omissions - Preston Sturges, Buster Keaton, and Ernst Lubitsch, and added some of the best foreign films - from Fellini, Truffaut, and Kurosawa.
  • An additional 25 more films were listed below the major list, and were included in the book's appendix in alphabetical order. Supposedly, they were "just too beloved to ignore."
  • The compilers claimed that the compilation ought to prompt you to build your own personal top 100, 200, 500... "This is a parlor game that prompts memory and appreciation, nudges us toward a shared set of creative benchmarks, and perhaps most important, can be passed on to the moviegoing neophyte with the words, 'Start here.'"
  • According to the book's introduction, the most represented male star was James Stewart (with five films); Cary Grant, Robert De Niro and Alec Guinness had four films each, and Janet Leigh had three films.
  • The most represented director was Alfred Hitchcock (with four films), and there were three films each from Michael Curtiz, David Lean, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and Billy Wilder.
Note: The films that are marked with a yellow star are the films that "The Greatest Films" site has selected as the "100 Greatest Films".

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This is my version of 100 greatest movie quotes of all time. Some have appeared on official lists while others are completely my opinion. if you don't like it then don't comment. I know there's plenty of other great quotes out there but obviously it was hard to narrow down 100 and there's still lots of movies i have yet to see.

None of the quotes are really in order, but 1 - 30 are probably more of my favorite ones

All of the movies in this video do not belong to me.

Announced on January 18, 2007, this 10th installment of the 's (AFI) counted down the 100 greatest American movies of all time in a three-hour television event. Aired June 20, 2007 on , it was hosted by -winning actor . The program considered classic favorites and newly eligible films released from 1997 to 2005.