1001 Inventions That Changed the World

1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization


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This film was showed at a time when the California Science Center in Los Angeles was hosting the “1001 Inventions” exhibition. The invention was running from July 2011 to December 2011; later extended by 10 weeks to March 11, 2012 by popular demand. The exhibition is about the groundbreaking scientific and technological advances pioneered during the Golden Age of Islamic civilization.

The film will be launched as part of the United Nations proclaimed International Year of Light 2015 and is produced by 1001 Inventions in partnership with UNESCO and the International Year of Light 2015.

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1001 Inventions : Merchandise

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The creators of 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets bring you a new short film on the work of 11th century scientist Ibn Al-Haytham. "A journey of Science from Darkness into Light".

The 1001 Inventions Teacher's Pack maps relevant historical Islamic scientific and technological discoveries and principles to the national curriculum for secondary schools.