101 solved nuclear engineering problems.

101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems


101 solved nuclear engineering problems free

John A. Camara holds PE licenses in both electrical and nuclear engineering. He is a principal engineer and integrated product team leader with Phantom Works, the R&D unit of the Boeing Company. A retired U.S. Navy lieutenant commander, he served as a nuclear-trained electrical engineer and submarine officer. Mr. Camara earned his BS in electrical and computer engineering and materials science and engineering from the University of California at Davis and his MS in space systems from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is the author of 101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems (Professional Publications, Inc.)

Professional Publications, Inc.'s 101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems by J.A. Camara, P.E. offers examinees the opportunity to practice solving the types of questions found on the professional engineer (PE) exam.

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"101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems" is widely regarded as the best study resource available for nuclear PE exam candidates. 101 exam-like problems cover all the subject areas you are likely to see on the test. This self-contained study guide includes all the tables and data you need to work every problem?all you supply is your calculator. ...

Problems in 101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems cover a wide range of exam topics, and solutions are included. Extensive information in the book -- equations, terms, diagrams, recommended references -- makes this an excellent practical reference for anyone in the nuclear engineering field.