12 inch Wheel and Tire - Shadow Trailers

12 1/2in. x 2 1/4in. Tire with 5-Spoked Wheel

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Tire Sizes by Wheel Diameter -12"

Tires are fantastic, used them to replace the tires that came on the trailer we got used. Old tires were all dry rotted and we worried about a blow out, the new tires are awesome, drove from MD to NY doing about 60 most of the way hauling about 600lbs of gear. Increasing the size from the 8in wheels the trailer came with to the 12in wheels we bought made a huge difference. Trailer rode nice and smooth, tires wore better than expected. Shipping was faster than expected, tires arrived in perfect condition pre-filled and ready to use.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is on the lookout for three burglars who stole 22 car batteries and 12 wheels and rims from a downtown auto repair shop.

Here are all the tire sizes with a 12" wheel diameter.

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  • 12 in Trailer Rims - Trailer Wheels

    No.12 Chrome Wheels by 2 Crave®. These are trendsetting wheels that are unique and modernistic, yet classic and elegantly conservative, with a touch of luxury. The clean design emphasizes the superior quality of workmanship and the attention to detail.