13 Reasons Why was published in Oct 2007

Thirteen Reasons Why


Here are 13 reasons why I love so much.

I am excited for her, I’m glad that she’s taking on more projects and it’s obvious that she knows her material. “13 reasons why” is such a great book too, I remember when it was as popular as the Hunger Games back before they made films out of it. But I can only see this as targeting young female teens as the audience.

Now, I am a HUGE 13 Reasons Why fan, I’ve read the book multiple times and I love it! I’ve been waiting on a movie or a tv show to come out since I read the book the very first time. So, I’m happy that they are making something! So what if it’s going to Netflix! It’s just like it being on a cable tv show/movie.

The 13 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Thailand

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+Ulysses:I think tv mini series that was the last thing I read on Facebook but then again there are only 13 reasons why Hannah killed herself so the tv mini series would only tell Hannah’s story with 13 epsoides(all flashbacks). So Iam
Pretty sure the tv mini series will not go past 13 epsoides unless it starts out with Hannah alive then going through the 13 reasons why in the book,then recording the tapes of her 13 reasons she killed herself before she finally ends up killing herself to make the mini series have more epsoides. But other than that it might have only 13 epsoides for 13 reasons why.

Along with Gomez, Mandy Teefey, Kristel Laiblin and Anonymous Content also will executive produce 13 Reasons Why. Gomez is repped by WME, Brillstein and Ziffren Brittenham; Yorkey by WME and Anonymous; Laiblin by attorney Lev Ginsburg.