18th Fighter Bomber Wing, Japanese made

TRUCKBUSTERS FROM DOGPATCH: The Combat Diary of the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing in the Korean War, 1950-1953


18th Fighter Bomber Wing (1957) - Horntip

The following are a few of the songs and poems which survived
the Korean Action. All, as presented hero, are the property of
Technical Sergeant "Sandy" Colton, fomorly with the Office of
Information Services, 18th Fighter Bomber Wing, Korer, from 1950
to 1951 > and now a Staff Photographer with the Pacific Stg£§ and
Stripes in Tokyo* We are reprinting then with his permission, and
it is expected most will appear more fanilirr to the present "bird-
man" of the 18th*

Comments: While antiquing, I found a brass bowl with a lid. The bottom is stamped with the word KOREA and two Korean symbols, the top lid has 4 Korean symbols, a flower, and the Korean flag. Around the top of the lid reads "SO JONG RI KOREA - 18TH FIGHTER BOMBER WING ORPHAN-AGE"

18th Fighter Bomber Wing Unguibus Et Rostro 4" Patch.

Entry: 44072
MECHANIC 6/53-6/54

18th Fighter Bomber Wing acrobatic team, Suwon range, 1954

I am a nurse who is trying to contact anyone who may be interested in communicating with a patient of mine who has advansed MS and has a dream to contact anyone who may have served USAF 18th Fighter Bomber Wing in Korea 1953..

FILE - This July 29, 1953 black-and-white file photo shows happy fliers of the 18th Fighter Bomber wing let the world know how they feels as the come back from one of the combat missions over North Korea to learn of the armistice signing. From left are: 2nd Lt. John Putty, Dallas, Tex.; 1st Lt. James A. Boucek, Ottawa, Kan.: and 1st Lt. Richard D. Westcott, Houston, Tex., waving from back seat of jeep. Sixty years after it finished fighting in Korea, the U.S. is still struggling with two legacies that are reminders of the costs -- political, military and human -- that war can impose on the generations that follow. The first is the leading role that America still is committed to playing in defending South Korea should the 1950-53 Korean War re-ignite. (AP Photo, File)