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Ted Williams and the 1969 Washington Senators: The Last Winning Season


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Did you know that (48 home runs) was the "Home Run Champion" for the 1969 Washington Senators? The "RBI Champion" was (111 RBI), and the "Hit King" was (175 hits).

How do you determine who is the batting champion for the 1969 Washington Senators? Major League Baseball (Rule 10.22 Minimum Standards for Individual Championships) states, "The individual batting, slugging or on-base percentage champion shall be the player with the highest batting average, slugging percentage or on-base percentage, as the case may be, provided the player is credited with as many or more total appearances at the plate in league championship games as the number of games scheduled for each club in his clubs league that season, multiplied by 3.1 in the case of a Major League player and by 2.7 in the case of a National Association player. Total appearances at the plate shall include official times at bat, plus bases on balls, times hit by pitcher, sacrifice hits, sacrifice flies and times awarded first base because of interference or obstruction. Notwithstanding the foregoing requirement of minimum appearances at the plate, any player with fewer than the required number of plate appearances whose average would be the highest, if he were charged with the required number of plate appearances shall be awarded the batting, slugging or on-base percentage championship, as the case may be.

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Which hitters from the 1969 Washington Senators played the most games by each position? C (122), 1B (118), 2B (110), 3B (154), SS (150), LF (108), CF (149), RF (59).

Up for bid is an Official American League Baseball from the Joseph E. Cronin (American League President) era that has been signed by at least 4 players from the 1969 Washington Senators. They are, Jim Miles (P), Tim Cullen (3B), Barry Moore (P) and Jim Hannan (P). T is a fifth signature on this ball by Joe Camacho but I'm not sure of his position or even if he was on of the players from this year. The baseball is in very nice condition. The original box is not in great shape as you can see from the picture but how many of these old boxes are still around in any condition?