Pink panther 1970s cartoon - another classic.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1970s Vol. 1


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Other good like and also appear on this list of great 1970s cartoons. was also a popular cartoon of the 1970s, even though most of the episodes were created decades earlier.

Ready for a blast from the past? Remember Well, those catchy and witty jingles obviously landed themselves a spot on this homage list. This educational 1970s cartoon was created by David McCall and premiered in 1973. Some classic songs from this good 1970s cartoon include “Conjunction Junction,” “Electricity, Electricity” and “I'm Just a Bill" (ohh, sweet, sweet nostalgia).

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    1970s Cartoons, Connected to your Facebook and I was wondering why all your friends have cartoons in their Facebook profile? That these are cartoon characters male or female cartoon characters male, they are all on Facebook!

    1970s cartoons were witty and clever and most included at least a few characters that were fairly lovable. Like every era, the 70s brought us cartoons about both the past and the future, as well as the present.