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Spirits were buoyed again by a strong box office showing from the Dreamgirls movie, which won its star, former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, an Oscar, and then the Hairspray musical movie surprised both the Broadway and Hollywood industries by becoming the hit of the summer of '07. More modest in scope, Tim Burton's cinematic take on the 1979 Broadway musical Sweeney Todd did respectably later that year and earned itself a cult following. The most recent Broadway musical to turn movie was Mamma Mia, which did even better that Hairspray domestically and blew every other recent movie musical out of the water with worldwide box office ticket sales.

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Music from , a 1979 Broadway musical, was included in the Choir's 2001 Christmas concert and also in an episode of during that concert weekend. The Christmas concert's featured guest artist was Angela Lansbury, who was accompanied by the Choir in a rendition of “Not While I’m Around."