Its funny comparing the same car but 2 Lane Blacktop wins hands down!

Two-Lane Blacktop (The Criterion Collection)


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Bio: This San Francisco band was a fan favorite in the early 90's. The band performed 250 plus gigs a year from Cabo Wabo and Los Angeles to Canada and all points between. Their self produced album "2 Lane Blacktop" was signed to Linda Perry's "Rockstar Records". Unfortunately while working on their s...

aw this one’s hard…..I’ll narrowly go for 2 lane blacktop, purely because it is a far more “winning” car in that movie, I like, too, the realism angle of it just driving around the place. Plus I really like how it looks in primer…Finally, it comes with its own set of jets!!

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    Although AG is probably my all time favorite car cult movie with TLB definitly in the top ten, my vote is for the 2 Lane Blacktop car. I love the raw, strictly business attitude of that car. With its glass front end, glass deck lid, lexan windows and stripped interior, big block power and manual trans it would also beat the AG car in a race. I read somewhere that the 2 Lane car was supposed to be in a crash at the end of the movie but the movie ending was rewritten to “save” the car for the American Graffitti movie????