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In 2009, as part of its 80th anniversary commemoration, the British publisher released a series consisting of six hardcover collections of 20th century poetry. Miriam Rosenbloom, who was senior designer at the time, hired a different printmaker for each title to produce a cover and contrasting endpapers; Claire Curtis’s work for T.S. Eliot: Selected Poems, is below.

Michael Shapiro presents a talk entitled, "Why Meter Matters: Reading 20th Century Hindi Poetry from the Perspective of Metrical Structure". This presentation opened the Hindi Urdu Flagship's national symposium, 'Hindi in Texas & Beyond'. The symposium was held April 10th, 2010 on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

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Mina Loy was a early 20th century poet and feminist who adopted the ideas of futurism and wrote the “Feminist Manifesto”. This video, created by Chantal Bouvet pays homage to her ideas, featuring the text from her manifesto overlayed with film footage of turn of the century life and technological breakthroughs.

Spanish authorities and the family of Garcia Lorca have been engaged in a fierce battle over what to do with his archive. The minister for culture, Jose Maria Lassalle, said that attempting to bar the moving of the poet's archives outside Spain would ensure that the country's most acclaimed 20th century poet remains in the country and is not "scattered."