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Lord, Teach Me to Pray in 28 Days


28 days of prayer - Requests and Praise

In our new series: “28 Days of Prayer,” we are exploring prayer and fasting together. If talking about prayer sounds boring to you, then this is especially for you! The sad reality is that most people have boring, static, ineffective, uninspiring prayer lives. If we want to see all that God desires to do in and through our lives, that needs to change! We must rediscover the power of prayer!

Believing that God is at work at Grace Community Church and has great things planned for our future, we are calling the church body to commit to 28 days of prayer at 8pm.

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    Although many who have visited the wall have expressed a desireto see it become a permanent fixture, CCV plans to dismantle thewall following the 28 Days of Prayer.

    My friend has just released his new book - 28 Days of Prayer during Financial Crisis.

    I had the wonderful privelage of reading through his manuscript before it was published. Friends, this is a book that will offer a great deal of inspiration, encouragement, and sound advice from the Christian scriptures. What is particularly encouraging in this book is that it is not simplisitic, it certainly is not another 'prosperity' book, and it comes from someone who has lived through some challenging times himself!

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    Here's a little piece from Wessel himself.

    Dear Friends

    I am happy to announce that my new book "28 Days of Prayer during financial crisis" is in print and available from Africa Upper Room Ministries.

    What is this book about? Well, first I need to make it explicitly clear that this is NOT a Prosperity Theology book. It is a resource providing a 4-week journey in recognizing God's presence, even during global financial crisis. It offers some points for consideration on how we view ministry, management of what is at our disposal and, most of all, the ability to speak honestly to God about that which creates fear and anxiety in our lives. I have incorporated much of what John Wesley said about money and trust that this will provide encouragement for the road ahead. Order forms can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right.

    God bless.

    Rich blessings with this one Wes! I pray that it will touch and bless many people!