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Tri-fold 3 CD Collectors Pack.

Haggard - Original Album Classics (3 CD) (Flac) [FrankFoo] - Demonoid

By creating an MP3 CD, you can significantly extend this maximum playing time and store many more songs than a standard audio CD. This is because music stored in a digital audio file (like MP3) is encoded in a compressed format and therefore takes up a lot less storage space on a CD. In fact, by using an MP3 CD you can on average have between 8 to 10 albums on one disc -- this figure is very much dependent of course on the format, (, , etc.), and bitrate (kbps) used.

Advantages of Using an MP3 CD
A normal audio CD usually only contains a single music album or a collection of songs with a maximum playing time of approximately 80 minutes.