Example: This fork is 8 inches long

Super 8 in Collectible Metalpack Packaging


Home Spa Nail TOTAL ACTION 8 in 1 12ml

One of the big new features is that Windows 8 will allow multitouch gestures on touch pads. Macs have had multitouch touch-pad drivers for a few years, while Windows touch pads haven't progressed much since Windows XP. The blame for that can sit at the feet of Microsoft just as easily as you can point a finger at the hardware manufacturers. The point is now, with Windows 8 forcing dramatic hardware upgrades to accompany it, Windows touch pads are finally moving forward.

Because Windows 8 is intended as a unified system for both PC and tablet, it works almost as well with a keyboard and mouse as it does with touch. While the mouse may eventually go the way of the fax machine, it's doubtful that Microsoft intends to kill it off while encouraging so many non-touch-screen owners to upgrade to Windows 8. It's much more likely that Microsoft sees an immediate future for touch and keyboard/mouse, not touch or keyboard/mouse.

in. - 7/8 in. 2-in-1 Tubing Bender

  • While racing for DEI, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. raced in the #8 car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series .
  • In. x 3/8 In. Automotive Series Coupler and Plug Kit 4 Pc

    This trope has other numbers as well, one example being IGN's famous 7.8 rating of Pokemon because of "too much water", generating dozens of satirical IGN rating revolving around "too much

    In practice, this is generally smooth with moments of clunkiness. No matter what app you're in, your Windows 8 settings are always accessible from the bottom of the Settings sidebar. However, the specifics of an app naturally are left to the app maker. In Microsoft's Weather app, your toggle from Fahrenheit to Celsius lives not in the Settings sidebar, but in the also-hidden bottom-edge options.