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Irons holds court in a Gothic Southern mansion in Beautiful Creatures

So begins Beautiful Creatures, an enchanting supernatural romance. Chances are you’ve never heard of Beautiful Creatures. I certainly hadn’t. The film opened last February without significant advertising or promotion from Warner Bros. I don’t recall any TV ads or even one-sheets on the subway walls. Warner Bros. obviously figured that Beautiful Creatures would sell itself since it was based upon a popular series of young adult novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Forgetting about that segment who never read the book has become an alarming trend in Hollywood these days.

Opening at midnight on Valentine’s Day, Beautiful Creatures was largely ignored by criticsand audiences. Even fans of the book stayed away. In July, Beautiful Creatures was very quietly released on home video. While perusing the vast DVD shelves of the Queens Public Library one hot August day, I came across Beautiful Creatures. The cast piqued my interest: it includes Oscar-winners Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, Oscar nominee Viola Davis and the always good Emmy Rossum. The premise also sounded intriguing. I grabbed the disc and proceeded to checkout.

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Donovan - What A Beautiful Creature You Are

Beautiful Creatures is going to finish high on my list of the year’s best films. This is a five star movie that got a one-star treatment from the studio. They deserve a big fat lump of coal in their stocking. Do yourself a favor and rent Beautiful Creatures. Free yourself from the expectations such youth novels tend to engender. Soak in the acting and the storytelling. You will not go wrong. I don’t often throw out the word masterpiece, but Beautiful Creatures is that increasingly rare creature.

Still, both DeJesus and Saninocencio say the important thing about being a mermaid is feeling like an undersea siren, no matter how other people think you look. "My favorite thing about being a mermaid is swimming in the ocean and wearing my tail. Being such a beautiful creature to protect the ocean, to keep swimming in it, it's a beautiful thing to be," Saninocencio said. "I think the mean commenters are just jealous because I became something beautiful."