A cold wind in August 1961 - Scott Marlowe, Lola Albright - noir- ish

A Cold Wind In August

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Despite the warning from M-G-M about the quality of the original materials, the 1.66 widescreen black and white transfer for A Cold Wind in August has been applied to a 16:9 palette (creating side-matting window-boxing if you're watching on a regular monitor), which looks terrific on a big, big monitor. The image is sharp; blacks hold well, and grey levels are good. Snappy presentation.

I reviewed A Cold Wind in August in 2013 and was impressed by the way it explored a “May-December” romance without glamorizing it. The issues within the relationship are explored beyond just society’s reaction to it, and Albright’s character is one of depth, elevating the film above what could have been a simple exploitation flick.

Title: A Cold Wind in August (1961) 6.7 /10

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A Cold Wind in August hooked me right from its opening titles, which feature artsy black and white graphics and dramatic music. It’s a film that has no trouble holding the viewer’s attention for its entire running time. Though the plot synopsis may make it sound like your average ’60s exploitation flick, it’s actually a very solid drama.

Lola Albright’s strong performance and a consistently gripping story make A Cold Wind in August a pretty great watch. I would certainly recommend it for fans of romantic dramas, and fans of mid-century films that tackle controversial subjects.