Title: A Great Deliverance (12 Mar 2001)

A Great Deliverance (Inspector Lynley Mysteries, No. 1)


A Great Deliverance (Inspector Lynley Mysteries, No

From my own knowledge I know that this photo is more than likely to have been taken before the bombing raids and the attack on the British soldiers started, as there are no boats shown in the photograph, when we know that boats were there when they were being attacked to take the soldiers home and this would explain the lack of disruption. Furthermore, photographs only show a snapshot in time, and as a result this source can prove neither that Dunkirk was a deliverance or disaster for the British. -Source C can support both claims that Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster. It shows this as soldiers are firing at planes with normal rifles, and could be succeeding in destroying them. The soldiers shooting at the sky and what almost looks like an explosion in the background show this. However the dark object in the background could just be a ship that had come to evacuate the soldiers.

"Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster" AJP Taylor Is there evidence in sources A-F to support this interpretation? Sources and own knowledge -This statement is a very vague statement and as a result, it is a statement that can be easily justified using Sources A to F. In this response I will examine what each source is telling us, and whether it agrees, disagrees or is neutral to the statement, "Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster". The Dunkirk evacuation, codenamed Operation Dynamo by the British, was the large evacuation of Allied soldiers from May 26 to June 4, 1940, during the Battle of Dunkirk. The plan was created by British Vice Admiral Bertram Ramsay and was accepted by Winston Churchill. In the 9 days, more than three hundred thousand (338,226) soldiers - 218,226 British and 120,000 French - were rescued from Dunkirk, France and the surrounding beaches by a hastily assembled fleet of about seven hundred boats.

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Title: A Great Deliverance
Author(s): Elizabeth George
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Title: A Great Deliverance (12 Mar 2001) 7.5 /10

Granted, this might not have been the kind of change that Nigerians were expecting, but a deliverance from ignorance, is a great deliverance indeed.

In ”A Great Deliverance,” Lynley and Havers are meeting for the first time, paired to solve a homicide in the English countryside: A farmer has been ax-murdered, and his teen daughter Roberta (Rebecca Gallacher) is found at the crime scene, stunned into a breakdown that has left her mute. Who did it? Roberta? The wife (Denise Black) who left the farmer a while back? Maybe the farmer’s nephew (Brendan Coyle), who was to inherit the farm? Lynley and Havers sift through the clues while also grappling with that profound English divider, the class system. Lynley initially finds Havers sullen and bafflingly uncommunicative; Havers thinks Lynley is an ”arrogant aristocratic ponce” who does police work for a lark.