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A Way of Life, Like Any Other (New York Review Books Classics)


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Nevertheless, Valuing People Now is an important step. It embodies the aims of A Life Like Any Other and represents the right moment to tie up the campaign. While we will continue to follow its implementation closely, we are confident change is coming.

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A Way Of Life, Like Any Other – Darcy O’Brien NYRB Classics, 2001

A Life Like Any Other

● The campaign was launched at Community Care Live in May. It called for people with learning disabilities to be offered the same life chances as everyone else. Care services minister Ivan Lewis welcomed our campaign and said his top priority was to re-energise Valuing People.

Survey of service users

More than 1,300 people with learning disabilities responded to our ground-breaking survey, most saying they wanted to live independently and needed more support to achieve it.

Influencing other professions

Human resource professionals: a joint survey with Personnel Today revealed the barriers to people with learning disabilities getting jobs, and an article in the magazine informed its 50,000 HR readers about the benefits.

Doctors: we wrote articles for Doctor and Hospital Doctor on how to improve healthcare for people with learning disabilities.

● The campaign conference

More than 120 social care professionals, people with learning disabilities and policy makers attended our conference to discuss the way ahead. Care services minister Ivan Lewis again addressed – and listened to – the audience.

● Research and practice

Community Care ran regular articles on the latest news evidence and best practice in learning disabilities.

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