At Thousand Nights Hotel, the location could not be better.

A Thousand Nights


A Thousand Nights, Johnston’s third fantasy novel ..

Great review! I don’t mind purple prose, as a matter of fact, I enjoyed every excerpt you posted even the one you disliked, lol. However, I really don’t feel like reading a book without a slow and vague plot. Besides, fairy tale retelling tend to not be my thing. So I doubt A Thousand Nights will hit my shelves any time soon.

I think the most memorable thing about this book is its writing, for better or for worse. The writing in A Thousand Nights is very descriptive, sometimes excessively so. I understand that the author was going for the whimsical feel of an old tale, but I felt the writing missed the mark on several occasions. There are times when I think the similes or writing conventions used bordered on pretentious. This is coming from someone who unabashedly love a bit of purple prose – so if you already have an aversion to these kinds of writing, I think it’s best you stay away. Here’s the most ridiculous passage in this book:

The Review Diaries: Review: A Thousand Nights by E. K. Johnston

A Thousand Nights
Studio album by Melanie Doane
Released 2008 (2008)
Recorded 2007-2008
Genre Country rock, folk rock
Label Prairie Ocean
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You Are What You Love
A Thousand Nights
"The Emerald City"
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  1. "Songbird featuring Jim Cuddy"
    Released: June 3, 2008

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In A Thousand Nights, an upcoming YA novel, author E.K. Johnston tells the dazzling tale of a brave teen who the murderous Lo-Melkhiin takes as his wife. He takes a wife in each town, and kills each of them in turn, but in this retelling of the classic Scheherzade story Arabian Nights, the strong heroine captivates her husband enough to stay alive, day after day. Each tale she tells brings her more power, and she dreams of becoming strong enough to put an end to a monstrous reign once and for all.

I am a sucker from an awesome cover. I love the A Thousand Nights, Everything Everything, Between the Notes and Made You Up covers. I wish I owned them all but I only have made you up so far! Great list🙂