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great example of this type of game is World of Warcraft

After many World of Warcraft players were left disappointed by Warlords of Draenor, there is a lot of buzz surrounding Legion, which will see the alliance and the horde face off against a demon invasion. Demon Hunters are now a playable class, and much of the expansion’s story will involve new artefact weapons, which will level with you from 100 to 110.

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    But now we’re the day before Legion and my thoughts have indeed turned back to the expansion. I won’t lie: It might well be the highlight of the MMO gaming year, right here. I look back at the road I took in 2016, getting back into World of Warcraft, building up my garrison, going through Draenor, and leveling up my alts. It’s been quite the journey and now we’re at the cusp of Legion.

    The server . As for me, after spending the equivalent of months playing World of Warcraft (T6 Shadow Priest), I'm not so sure I could spend any more money (or time) on the game.