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-- "For me generosity comes when you're in a state of equanimity. So it has nothing to do with the state or the context that you're in. It's about a radical acceptance of life -- as it is. And when you do that, then you realize that, "Oh, I don't want anything from it so what can I do for it?" It's almost like this natural state of service happens... If you're able to accept life as it is, no matter if it is good or bad, or even if it is in transition, if you can accept life as it is, then I think that becomes the basis of real generosity." In this thought-provoking conversation, author Jacob Needleman, and Nipun Mehta the founder of ServiceSpace dialogue around what it means to truly 'act from the heart'. ()

We don’t see Jeanette and Larry nearly enough. But that act from the heart – the card – reminded me of the happy times we have spent together. And it reminded me that our relationship is alive.

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About the publication Sarah Mares and Louise Newman (eds), Acting From the Heart (2007): This book is now out of print, and we no longer supply it to our members or to the wider public. We suggest you could search for online second-hand bookshops to secure your copy.

It’s no longer a secret. Act from the heart. Share of yourself openly while declaring what you too want and need. You might be surprised at what follows.