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The terrace also provides views of the hotel . Prior to the Cuban Revolution this hotel belonged to the Hilton family. After the revolution, private businesses were prohibited and all companies were nationalized. Aeleen informs me that Paris Hilton recently stayed in this suite and took a photo on the terrace with her grandfather’s former hotel in the background.

Aeleen and I step out into the garden and are flooded with bright sunshine. We walk past cozy enclaves with bars, couches and chairs, and make our way to the edge of the garden.

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From the lobby, Aeleen and I take the elevator one floor up to tour the prestigious presidential suite. I am very excited to learn that Leonardo DiCaprio is among the long list of famous guests who have stayed in the suite. The two bedroom suite comes with two bathrooms, a dining room, sitting room and an office that has the same furniture that Winston Churchill used during his stay in 1945. Near the end of World War II he was invited to Cuba by the government.

As we gaze out at the ruins of Morro Castle, a fortress that guards the entrance to Havana Bay, Aeleen and I step back further in time to discuss Spanish influences in Cuba.