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The Age of Miracles | Karen Thompson Walker

Marianne's extraordinary understanding of spiritual topics is over the top in her new book, The Age of Miracles:Embracing the New Midlife. She changes our perceptions about midlife. I am so grateful because every day I look at my life in a totally thankful way. I never thought that I could get to the place where I felt that MY age is the best. I am so looking forward to the years ahead. Marianne is such a blessing to all ages. I had tears streaming down my face throughout the whole introduction to the book. The joy that I feel in my heart from Marianne's inspiration is so big that my heart hurts. I will be Loving this book throughout my life.

As a spiritual leader and companion, Marianne's books have shown us the way to love ourselves, those who like us, and those who don't like us ("A Return to Love"), to pray in an uplifting, holistic, and global manner ("Illuminata"), to be engaged citizens ("Healing the Soul of America"), to live peaceful, purposeful, and hopeful lives ("Everyday Grace"), and to become our true selves ("The Gift of Change"). Now, rather than "retire" and simply fade away, "The Age of Miracles" shows us the way to "refire" so that we may use our talents, advantages, privileges, and experience to heal, lead, mentor, and create peace.

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The Age of Miracles
Karen Thompson Walker
No preview available - 2012

How can we keep the age of miracles going

It’s no coincidence that this year’s ­Davos meeting will focus on the fragility and uncertainty facing the world today. So how can those dangers be defused? How can we keep the age of miracles going?

"The Age of Miracles" is Marianne's special gift to the world. It is a must read for all baby boomers, and their families, friends and acquaintances, who will be blessed by its wisdom, compassion, and love all the rest of the days of their lives."}">