Akame ga Kill! (Akame ga Kiru!)

Akame ga KILL!, Vol. 7


Red Eyes Sword - Akame ga KILL!

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Here we are, the end of the road. It was fun watching, reviewing, and screencapping Akame ga Kill on a weekly basis. We got a happy ending in the end, even if it came at a great cost. Everyone died fighting for what they believed in, and their dream finally came true. Poor Akame is the sole survivor of all of this and has to bear the burden of living on for all of them.

★ Akame main pairing only. Side pairings are allowed.

  • Syura (Akame ga Kill!)
  • Akame is one of the main characters of the manga series.

    A pretty fast paced, action packed episode of Akame. What do you guys think about the adaptation so far? Feel free to check out my full thoughts on !

    As a child, Akame was sold along with her sister Kurome to the empire by her parents. She was forced to do cruel and difficult tasks, such as being placed in the forest filled with Danger Beasts. Akame and Kurome were the only survivors of the 100 children sold to the empire. Because they accomplished the exam, Akame and Kurome were separated by Gonzuki, and he noted that they would become two of the strongest people in the world if they depend on each other.