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Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall; or, Solving the Campus Mystery


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Upon arriving at his parents house to change, Joey went straight to his parents room to hide the ring in his trumpet case. Alice Ruth walked to the room to ask him a question and his mother immediately directed her attention elsewhere. After getting all dressed up to celebrate the New Year, Alice Ruth asked his mother to take a few pictures of them all dressed up. Once the pictures were taken, his mother proceeded to show the pictures she had just taken and accidentally swiped to far into the pics. On the screen popped up a picture of the ring. His mother jerked the phone away real quick while both Joey and her stared really quickly at Alice Ruth to see if she noticed (which she did not).

Upon arriving to the party, the friend that Joey had already arranged to film the proposal became sick at the last moment and was unavailable to be there. After believing that he was not going to be able to film the proposal for Alice Ruth, he ran into one of his friend's mother who happened to be a photographer. After explaining to her the plans of the proposal, they continued on at the party until right before the ball dropped. As the countdown began for the New Year, Joey continued to stand behind Alice Ruth and would not talk to her even when she tried to toast to the last moments of 2014.

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       George (Judd) Arthur Giffey
      George, known as Judd, was born on September 25th, 1915.  He died at the age of 62 on November 24th, 1977 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

       Alice Ruth Bachman
      Ruth Bachman
      Alice was born on March 4th, 1905 in Apache, Oklahoma.  She died at the age of 63 on August 8th, 1968 in Deer River, Minnesota.

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    As the countdown from 10 seconds begun, Alice Ruth turned around one last time to have a toast with Joey only to notice that he did not have his champagne in his hand anymore. At that moment, he asked me "Do you love me" and then proceeded to drop down to one knee as Alice Ruth looked on in total shock. As the seconds counted down, he went on the ask if I would marry him. Alice Ruth finally said yes to spending the rest of her life with the man of her dreams as the New Year rang in.

    On the ride down to Pelion, Joey asked Alice Ruth several questions about her Clemson Ring she would be getting during the next fall semester. These questions were all based on what kind of metal ring she would be getting and if she even liked yellow gold rings. After wondering why he was so interested in her "Clemson Ring" metal, he went on to ask her if she was allergic to yellow gold, thinking she would be allergic to her ring she would be receiving in a few hours.