2014 Alt Press Music Awards – Awards Categories & Nominees

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Couldn’t make it to the Alternative Press Music Awards this year? Here’s a smattering of what you missed when Columbus, Ohio, opened their door to us and we ate all their food, drank everything in their fridge and broke a lot of furniture. (Not really—but it was still awesome.) Plus, 2016 Artist Philanthropic Award winner JAKE LUHRS of AUGUST BURNS RED explains the work of HeartSupport.

“Collaborating with an influential and ground-breaking company like Amazon on the official live stream for the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards is going to amplify our show unlike ever before,” says Mike Shea, Alternative Press founder and CEO. “Since our first meeting, the Amazon team has shown a deep understanding of the AltPress community, so being able to work together with them, as well as our friends at Twitch, Monster and Journeys, packs a powerhouse of a punch. Now music fans worldwide will be able to view the AP Music Awards as all the excitement unfolds in real time.”

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In the newest edition of AltPress, which includes a look back at Decemberunderground in a retrospective of 10 albums from 2006 that changed your life, AFI is also featured on a poster. You can pick up issue #338 once it’s on sale in the coming weeks or pre-order !

The bottom line – quite literally – may be that for the alternative press to survive, its publications must find something that many magazines, from (in many years) the New Yorker to the Nation to Harper’s, already have: an owner willing to lose money. This may not be impossible. But with a mission that’s increasingly unclear, and plenty of other places in which rich people can burn cash, it’s not likely, either.