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That’s why the American Diabetes Association has long recommended that adults be screened for diabetes starting by at least age 45 and that the test is repeated every three years. Younger adults with diabetes risk factors, such as obesity or family history, should begin screenings earlier. However, there have been no randomized, controlled trials to support this recommendation because such trials would be prohibitively expensive, requiring thousands of people without diabetes to be followed for decades. ■

‘This study confirmed for us what we have long believed to be true but have never been able to show in clinical trials,’ said John Buse, MD, PhD, former President, Medicine and Science of the American Diabetes Association and an author of the paper.

By Dayle Kern, American Diabetes Association, Alexandria, VA

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    Though some professional organizations recommend routine screening for type 2 diabetes, research now confirms it not only helps prevent or delay illness, it is also highly cost effective, according to a study commissioned by the American Diabetes Association being published on March 29, 2010 in the journal Lancet.

    As a way of making the ADA diabetes screening recommendations a reality, for even the uninsured, the American Diabetes Association hosts the Diabetes Expo in several cities around the country including the only , held in San Antonio, Texas. The Expo gives San Antonians the opportunity to receive FREE health screenings by qualified health professionals. As of today, the San Antonio Diabetes Expo has five confirmed screeners, and we need several more in order to accommodate all of our constituents in attendance. If you are a health professional who can provide non-invasive health screenings that are related to diabetes and its complications, please volunteer your services at the 10th Annual Diabetes EXPO! Any one screening you provide on Saturday, June 26th could SAVE A LIFE. Your support will make a difference!