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The characters that make up the band of pirate on Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates all feature distinctive characteristics that set them apart from the standard pirate. To put a twist on your pirate costume this year, dress like one of these young pirates and show your appreciation for this popular Disney show.

I think I am tagging this activity as one of my must dos this holidays with B. She loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and it only Jake or Mickey who can rouse her up from her afternoon nap (yes, it’s our secret weapon when we want her to wake up …in a good mood).

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I think this could be the best app for children ever. I got this game for my little brother and he loves it. The game also got him into the television show Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I have had no problem with the apps sound or anything. And I have had the app for a possible three or four months now on my iPod. This game is also on my mom and dads kindles. Those devices have had no problems with the sound either. This should be rated best children app of the century.

In December 2011, it was officially announced that the program was returning for a second season. New episodes began airing on February 20, 2012, though each "new" episode actually consists of one original story and one repeat. Season 3 started on January 3, 2014. There was also a series of shorts titled Jake's Neverland Pirate School. The program's fourth season premiered in September 2015, commissioned as Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This new season features an upgraded appearance for "Captain Jake," but has also stated to be the last season of the show due to standard episode limits, though this may simply be "scuttlebutt."