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The September Angels and Insects Picnic takes its inspiration from the recent movie of the same name, based on the novella "Morpho Eugenia" by A.S. Byatt (the author of ). tells the story of William Adamson, a naturalist who returns to England penniless after years of research in South America. His belongings and specimens lost in a shipwreck, he returns to his wealthy patron, Harald Alabaster, with a single butterfly specimen: . His benefactor lets him stay at the Alabaster estate tutoring the younger children to earn his keep for another expedition. William quickly falls under the spell of Alabaster's eldest daughter, the mysterious other-worldly Eugenia. He is amazed and delighted when she and the family give their consent to marriage in spite of social differences. But despite some surprisingly passionate nights and the birth of several children, Eugenia remains distant. William finds himself wishing he was back in the Amazon as he fends off insults from Eugenia's brother and realizes that Harald Alabaster's promises of another expedition are not to be realized. Matty Crompton, a poor relation with a quick wit, assists William with the children. The two outsiders grow close as she encourages and assists him with a study of the insects on the estate. And it becomes obvious that Matty knows more than she's telling about the strange family. Eventually, with a little help from Matty, William discovers their shocking secret.

"Between Angels and Insects" was released on 22 May 2001 as the third single taken from Papa Roach's second studio album, "Infest" (2000). It is a nu metal song, written by band members Jacoby Shaddix and Tobin Esperance and produced by Jay Baumgardner.

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Haas essentially documentary, which was tried for the second time in a feature film. And once chosen for his field of action rather complex and controversial category as a postmodern film. But he clearly succeeded in opening the viewer a nice looking and hearing the painting as “Angels and Insects.” Already in the title, we hear the philosophical antithesis, which will haunt us throughout the film as the literal embodiment and in the abstract.