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One of the supporting characters, Pinky and the Brain, were even spun off into their from Animaniacs . A theatrical short and a direct to video were also released based on this Animaniacs Episode Guide.

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Animaniacs summary: Ensemble cast of off-the-wall Warner Brothers characters, appearing in a wide variety of roles. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot Warner, are WB Studio creations who were just too “zany” to be of any use to the studio. Pinky and the Brain are two mice bent on world domination. Rita and Runt are a cat and dog team, who get into perilous situations every episode, put always seem to find time to sing a song. Bobby, Pesto, and Squit are the Goodfeathers, part of a New York mob of pigeons, who worship Martin Scorsese. Slappy the Squirrel is a late middle-age squirrel; she starred in a series of popular cartoons in the Golden Age. Buttons is a watch-dog, charged with watching the mischievous toddler, Mindy. Chicken Boo is a giant chicken trying to integrate into human society. Flavio and Marita are two urbane hippopotami.
Stars: Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille…
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    NC (vo): And the #1 best Animaniacs episode is.... Not only is this one educational, not only does it have some of the greatest writing, not only does it have some of the funniest animation, not only does it have some of the silliest deliveries, but practically every joke is hit right out of the park, it's a comedic gold mine. Michelangelo is trying to finish the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

    The series gained high ratings even under disadvantageous circumstances. During November 1993, a Dallas Fox affiliate had a three-day transmitter failure, resulting in a blank screen instead of an episode of Animaniacs; during this period, about 11,000 homes were channeled to watch the Animaniacs episode, which was almost double the rating of the rival KXTX-TV children's show.