You can do anything you want to do

I'll Do For you Anyting you Want Me To Do

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Anything You Want appears on the album Girls Can Tell

Happy new year! 2013 was a whirlwind – filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, and some pretty . Two major highlights – Dave and I getting engaged! and a brand new S&S. But it’s time to close the door and dive into a new year full of accomplished goals and dreams come true. 2014! This is the beginning of anything you want. What do you want in 2014? Here are my goals for the new year…

From Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze, acclaimed director of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, comes A PORTRAIT OF MAURICE SENDAK, a loving look at one of the most cherished and controversial figures in children's literature. Featuring TELL THEM ANYTHING YOU WANT, this is a deeply moving tribute to Sendak, a seminal talent whose conflicts with success and lifelong obsession with death have subtly influenced his work.

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1.Deep Cuts The Knife
2.(Make Me Do) Anything You Want

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One of the most common messages adults love to give kids is, "You can be anything you want to be. You just have to want it badly enough." For the most part, that's true. If you genuinely have a passion for something, go after it. Practice your youthful, energetic face clean off until you master your craft, and you'll eventually find an awesome job doing that thing. As long as that job doesn't require a face, because yours is now gone.

If there's anything you want
Come on back cause it's all still here
I'll be in the back room drinking my half of the beer
And if you and me is so…