And this is how my avatar looks like after I was done designing:


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AVATAR Collector’s Edition: 3-Disc Special Edition DVD:

Note: the screen grabs featured in this Avatar Blu-ray 3D movie review are obviously taken from the 2D (Left Eye) view only. They should only be used to get an idea of the compression quality of the 3D BD disc, since computer monitors rarely have accurate Greyscale or Colour reproduction, and are obviously much smaller, and 2D only. The screen grabs have been JPEG encoded, although at a high enough quality setting so as not to add compression artefacts.

Panasonic kindly lent us a copy of the Avatar 3D Blu-ray disc (which is currently changing hands for unreasonably high amounts of money on eBay) on the condition that it was only reviewed on Panasonic 3D hardware. Given that Panasonic’s 3D TV displays have so far been the best of a mixed bunch, we wouldn’t explicitly recommend watching 3D movies on anything other than a Panasonic TX-P50VT20 3D plasma television anyway – so this is fine by us!

Avatar 3D Full Movie BluRay Watch Online 720p SBS Free Download

Avatar 3D Wallpaper 2570x1568 Avatar, 3D

But what about the quality of the Blu-ray 3D disc itself? Contrary to popular belief, films with mammoth budgets and red carpet treatment do not instantly look top-notch on disc, and certainly, there have been a few slight disappointments on Blu-ray in this regard (although there have been more wonderful BD discs in the few years it’s been around than there ever were with DVD-Video). Fortunately, Avatar 3D has been handled by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, a facility with a track record of excellence. Visually, this presentation looks as good as the (admittedly sometimes variable) source material possibly could on Blu-ray Disc. It’s supplied on a dual-layer BD50 disc with an MPEG-4 MVC video encode, meaning that it’s a 3D-enhanced disc which is backwards compatible with older 2D-only players (which simply ignore the extra 3D information). There are no extras to occupy precious space on the BD disc, although there are three foreign language audio dubs on the version we received, which accompany the losslessly-packed English audio track.

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