Awkward Family Photos with Pets

Here are some awesome athlete #TBT awkward family photos.

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makes looking at the humorous pictures from the website an interactive group activity. The bulk of the game involves players answering questions about various photos. For example: “What do you think happened right after this photo was taken?” or “What question would you like to ask the person in this photo?” The questions are more for discussion than part of a serious competition. That might turn off cuttroat gamers, but it is great for families and ice-breaking group events. The rules, such as they are, take almost no time to learn and the activity of playing appeals across a large span of ages and demographics. And all that makes playing The Awkward Family Photos Board Game and activity that your family should find to be much more fun and awkward.

With the proliferation of digital cameras and their miniaturization into all manner of gadgets, you’d think that most of the awkward family photos would be recent. Instead, the majority look as if they were taken in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Maybe that’s an advantage of old-fashion film—every photograph got printed out and relatively few were thrown away.

Awkward family photos in Denver. 9NEWS at 6/24/16.

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