wrap baby in math! Would love this for my future children!

Introductory Calculus For Infants


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The decision of whether or not to teach your baby math must obviously be taken before he or she reaches preschool age and is introduced to common kindergarten maths. Teaching babies and young children math can be easy, and, even though it can also be quite time consuming, it is well worth the effort as it will provide a child with a firm base from which to grow his mathematical skills.

A child’s enjoying kid math games can so easily turn into his or her enjoying advanced algebra or calculus, and, before you know it, teaching your baby math may result in your son or daughter unlocking the mathematical secrets of the universe.

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There are several kids maths systems that have been developed and that describe in detail how to teach your baby math, and these systems can include activities that range from computer-based learning sessions to simple math games for preschoolers.

Develop your baby’s enthusiasm for math. Glenn and Janet Doman and Susan Aisen instruct parents in the basic principles of teaching a tiny baby mathematics. Everything you need to begin is covered, including how to develop and expand the program.