0363 Graflex Polaroid back 180/190

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Can't be ripped, can't be torn.
Made of .080" 3003 alloy aluminum diamond plate (thicker than the metal on most truck tool boxes), the DiamondBack 180 tonneau cover can't crack, rip or tear like other tonneau covers. It's durability you can rely on.

Weatherman no longer needed.
The DiamondBack 180 truck bed cover keeps water out of your bed using a thick neoprene compression gasket around the perimeter. Gutters along the hinge points channel water runoff away from your bed. With a DiamondBack 180 tonneau cover, the stuff in your truck bed will stay dry, regardless of what the weatherman says.

BACK WARRIOR 180/195 - Motorcycle protective gear

  • DiamondBack 180 Truck Bed Cover - TU07-180L
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    Security that gives you peace of mind.
    Keyed lock handles on the doors of DiamondBack 180 tonneau cover actuate steel lock rods that keep your equipment secure by engaging with striker brackets mounted to your front bed wall. This robust locking system translates into peace of mind, knowing your gear is secure.

    Metal construction means it's modifiable.
    Mount virtually whatever you want to the top or underside of the DiamondBack 180 tonneau cover to suit the way you use your truck. Hooks, lights, racks—if you can bolt it or stick it to aluminum, you can put it on your tonneau cover.