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Back to the Future™ | Lea Thompson

Sally said: "Jordan and I have been together for around 10 years and we'd always talked about having a Back to the Future themed wedding. So when he proposed we knew we'd stick to the idea.

"We're kind of 'mega nerds' about the film, so when we knew Back to the Future Day was coming up this year we planned everything around that."

Title: Back to the Future (1985)

Erased from existence backward? erikazboi2006
If they remake it... ThatGuy25
Time travel is impossible Eagle197474
Question: Why is Back to the Future so popular? tastytomatoes
Easier way to get Marty back to 1985 artgutierrez
Two things that never made any sense to me... costanzojt

"Back to the Future" Day has finally arrived.

Back to the Future Poster. Poster by Phantom City Creative. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Back to the Future club tagged: back to the future poster back to the future part i back to the future part ii back to the future part iii part i part ii part iii.

So, a real actual hoverboard, just like the one in Back to the Future II, So what if you can't actually use it? Or stand on it? Or do anything but look at it? It's real! And pink! Someone please get the guy who created it a meeting with Mattel.