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A gesture as simple and subtle as a smile, a nod, soft eyes, or words, is all it takes to cheer us on. Then there are the hurtful words and the subtle moves that do the opposite. They can spin our days into a vortex of pain. I have been deeply moved by the words of encouragement I have received. A dear friend of mine gave me The Balcony People, by Joyce Landorf Heatherley. It describes “balcony people” as those whose “words would give him strength, courage, and a great surge of confidence…”

Several years ago I read a little known book called “Balcony People” the concept of the book was simple, people in your life are either in the balcony of your life or the basement of your life. For some reason, that little book popped into my mind yesterday, probably because I was out shopping for my mom for Mothers Day, and I was thinking about the valuable role she has played in my life. She is DEFINATELY in my balcony!!!! That thought led me to thoughts of others who have been so valuable in my life, both for the positive and the negative, I began to “sort” the people in my life into which place they are in my life……the balcony or the basement.

The Paperback of the Balcony People by Joyce ..

Balcony People
Joyce Landorf Heatherley
No preview available - 1988

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I rarely repost a piece, but as Thanksgiving approaches, I thought it appropriate to share this one again. It was a favorite of 2013. To all my Balcony People, I thank you. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving from Budapest. If you’re stateside, have a piece of pumpkin pie for me!

Some of thosewhose lives we celebrate and remember today, will be in your balcony. Theirmemory is dear to you. You remember sharing life with them, and now they continueto bless you by cheering for you from your balcony. Our balcony people cheer us on to victory!