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Stride Rite SM Barnes Sneaker (Little Kid/Big Kid), Black, 5 M US Big Kid


Q: All the chocolate-chips bars you ate?

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Rich as he was, Barnes apparently didn’t endow the Barnes Foundation adequately in the first place, or wasn’t able to. The movie libelously implies that, in recent years at least, the trustees deliberately wasted money and ran the institution into the ground so that the collection would have to be moved from Merion. That’s hard to swallow. But no matter whose fault that was, when the money was gone — and with no one volunteering to put up $150,000,000 to keep the pictures in Merion — what else could the trustees do?

Barnes died in Philadelphia on December 24, 1870.

  • ^ Barnes's father was born Henry Aaron Budington but used a variety of names during his life, including Wald Barnes and Brian Eglington Barnes. Herring, 4.
  • Corot: "Woman Reading" (Grand Gallery at the Barnes Foundation)

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    Whose fault is that? And if Barnes wanted to make sure his enemies in the Philadelphia art community could never get their mitts on his Foundation, why didn’t his will provide that the board of trustees could never be expanded so as to make room for them?