How do I become a vampire hunter

ROMANCE: PARANORMAL: The Pledge (Vampire Romance Book 2 of The Quantum Society Dark Illusion Guardians Hunter) (Shade Shapeshifter Forbidden Protector Outlaw Romance)

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Vampire hunters live only to rid the world of Vampires

It is believed that the original vampire hunters ate a vampire to gain their powers. It is revealed that their power was bestowed upon them after gave them a high dosage of her blood to near poisoning levels. Those that survived became vampire hunters. She then threw her heart into the fire creating the first vampire weapons. Following his discovery of her actions, charged them to the last man to kill all the vampires who believed themselves unkillable.

What really changed everything was Lincoln’s training to become a vampire hunter. Henry Sturges trained the young lawyer to become a killing machine. Here the axe of Lincoln becomes the most important symbol of the president. It is know that young Abe was a good rail-splitter and it seems that the scriptwriter (formerly Seth Grahame-Smith in the book) used the axe to symbolize the president’s strength. This time he became a “vampire-splitter” rather than a rail-splitter. Before becoming a president this weapon helped to protect the North from the South, because the Southern people were represented as vampires. Surprising isn’t it? Vampires can be blamed for everything.

How to Become a Vampire in Skyrim: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Girlrocks002 said:
I REALLY dont know why he is chosen to become a vampire hunter, he can choose to not kill vampires...this means that the cure is retrievable if jeremy kills vamps.

How to Become a Vampire in Skyrim

The story is told from the view of Cecile, a human colonist on Mars. On Earth, a devastating nuclear war leads to the rise of the Nobility and eventually starts D on a journey to become a vampire hunter.

“Vampires didn’t originate in Transylvania, Alice, you’re just buying into the popularity of Dracula.” Well who’s the one here who knows enough about how to become a vampire hunter to write a very informative Book Riot post about it? Riddle me that, readers. Riddle. Me. That.