"You sure pick funny places to nap, Bedtime Bear." from "Lost at Sea"

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Bedtime Bear-I had a care bear!

If you'd like to help turn your girl into a real deal Care Bear, just get them this cute costume look. The dress has a fleece upper bodice that is soft and comfy, and with the appliqued logo on the chest, it really shows off that classic stuffed bear style. It has mittens and plush ears on the hood to complete the effect, and with an attached tulle skirt, all she'll have to do to finish off the style will be to accent it with her favorite knee high socks and sneakers or boots! We're sure she's going to love becoming Bedtime Bear and spreading sleepy feelings and good dreams. Coordinate her look with her friends to assemble the perfect Care Bear group theme!

Bedtime Bear is a very sleepy bear. He helps everyone get a good night's sleep and have sweet dreams. He is blue with a sleeping crescent moon on his tummy.

Care Bears Wall Graphics from Walls 360: Bedtime Bear Wave

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    When it comes to catching a few Zs, there’s no better Care Bear around than Bedtime Bear! He’s got all kinds of bedtime tricks to help his friends get ready to drift off to dreamland. The moon and glowing star on his belly say that dreams are never very far away , especially when Bedtime Bear is there to tuck us in!

    Bedtime Bear appears as a playable character in the 2005 Game Boy Advance video game during the "Sweet Dreams" minigame, where he must float around and drop sleeping dust on other bears below to help them fall asleep.