Bee and Puppy Cat by Yeti-Echoer

Bee & PuppyCat Vol 1 (Bee and PuppyCat)


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CA: Everybody in Bee and Puppycat has a really distinctive voice. What was the process for finding voices for these characters?

CA: Bee and Puppycat is kind of just starting out so this is a big question but, what kind of legacy would you like to leave? Or, how would you like Bee and Puppycat to be remembered far off into the future when it’s been done and dusted?

Bee and PuppyCat Part 2 airs August 7th

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Posted: December 14th, 2014, 7:35 pm 

Title: Bee and Puppycat (11 Jul 2013)

CA: How much of you and your life goes into the Bee and Puppycat, like are any of the characters people that you know? Would you say that you’re like Bee at all?

CA: I feel like social media has had a pretty big impact on Bee and Puppycat’s success. And just in general, your entire presence online. I know an enormous chunk of my friends follow you . How do you feel about social media – and Tumblr especially – and its presence in comics and animation?