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The Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok


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Ben Waggoner has been compressing video for nearly 20 years. He cofounded the pioneering digital media services company Journeyman Digital, launched Terran Interactive's consulting services division, and was principal of Interframe Media. Ben joined Microsoft in 2005, and is now Principal Video Strategist for Microsoft's Silverlight platform.

Learn how to compress video and audio with optimal quality and minimal hassles. Renowned expert Ben Waggoner teaches you to improve the quality of your final content and develop effective workflows. Understand the basic concepts of vision and hearing, apply that knowledge in the context of compression, then move onto practical, applicable information for creating, editing, and compressing the best video and audio, whether you're delivering for the web, DVD, Blu-ray, phones, or beyond.

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Meritage Homes of Texas, LLC

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Today is about the death of our fallen heroes (enherjers). Nothing says courage in the face of death better than the Death Song of Ragnar Lodrok. I place it below for your study. This writer likes Ben Waggoner’s very readable translation, so reading it will be easy. Read it several times. Absorb it. We are all going to need courage in the future.

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