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The Running Dream (Schneider Family Book Award - Teen Book Winner)


17 Books Every Girl Should Read Before She's 17

Ten Best Books for Teens: 2013. Just typing those words makes me cringe. Any book is a triumph in my, well, book. It represents years, sometimes decades, of an author's life. Yes, all that toil has been compressed between two covers and served up for you to polish off in a matter of days, if not hours. But let's not forget: It's an accomplishment worthy of great respect.

His Dark Materials: This trilogy follows the adventures of a girl beginning her teens as she discovers different worlds existing in different phases on the same timeline. This is one of the best fantasy books for teens.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians:
This five series book brings alive Greek mythology like never before as Percy Jackson and his set of demigod friends attempt to save the world. This is one among the great fantasy books for teens.

Heroes Of Olympians: The Heroes Of Olympus is written by an American author Rick Riordan. It is a collection of five fantasy novels. It is also considered to be one among the great fantasy books for teens.

The Kane Chronicles:
This trilogy is undoubtedly among the best fantasy books for teens as the Kane siblings realise their heritage traces back to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and the fate of the world now rests in their hands.

Inkheart Trilogy:
This story follows a girl who is able to bring everything she reads into life. It plunges the reader into a world of mythical beings as she reads herself into a book and is among the great fantasy books for teens.

Septimus Heap: Set in an alternate matrilineal world full of castles, royalty and magic, it follows the adventures of the young wizard Septimus Heap, as he attempts to complete his magic studies. It is one among the best fantasy books for teens.

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this book is recommended to older teens.

Members of the NYPL's Best Books for Teens 2014 commitee are: Co-chairs, Anne Rouyer, Mulberry Street Library and Andrea Lipinski, Kingsbridge Library; Elizabeth R. Bird, BookOps; Shauntee Burns, St. George Library; Amalia Butler, Muhlenberg Library; Amber Certain, Columbus Library; Sandra Farag, Mid-Manhattan Library; Jennifer Gaeta, New Dorp Library; Ashley Gonzalez, St. Agnes Library; Mina Hong, Epiphany Library; Thomas Knowlton, MyLibraryNYC; Gretchen Kolderup, Young Adult Programming; Jeanne Lamb, BookOps; Charlie Radin, Inwood Library; Nicole Rosenbluth, Pelham Bay Library; Lindsy Serrano, Mulberry Street Library; Brian Stokes, Grand Central Library.

The New York Public Library is proud to announce its list of the Best Books for Teens 2014! The list includes a selection of 25 novels, non-fiction books, and graphic novels chosen by a committee of Young Adult librarians who work with teens in NYPL’s neighborhood branches. From March through November we debated and argued, and ultimately decided on these books. It was a tough call, but we think these 25 titles represent some of the best books out there for teens right now.