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Big Comfy Couch 19 Sing-Along Songs Big Comfy Couch Format: Audio CD

(17)WMEA-PBS Biddeford
6:00am Body Electric
6:30am Morning Business Report
7:00am Sesame Street
8:00am Barney & Friends
8:30am Dragon Tales
9:00am Sesame Street
10:00am Wimzie’s House
10:30am The Puzzle Place
11:00am Teletubbies
11:30am Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
12:00pm Arthur
12:30pm The Big Coumfy Couch
1:00pm Charlie Rose
2:00pm Wild World
2:30pm Wild World
3:00pm Various
3:30pm Zoboomafoo
4:00pm Reading Rainbow
4:30pm Wishbone
5:00pm Kratt’s Creatures
5:30pm Zoom
6:00pm Arthur
6:30pm Nightly Business Report
7:00pm The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer
8:00pm PBS Programming
11:00pm Various
12:00am Charlie Rose
1:00am Sign-Off

The Backyardagns, the Big Coumfy Couch, the Bernstien Bears, In between the Lions, Teletubbies, Zoobomafoo, the Wiggles, Dora, oh gosh so many I can't remember the titles of.

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