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In this groundbreaking biography of Eva Braun, German historian Heike B. Görtemaker delves into the startlingly neglected historical truth about Adolf Hitler's mistress. More than just the vapid blonde of popular cliché, Eva Braun was a capricious but uncompromising, fiercely loyal companion to Hitler; theirs was a relationship that flew in the face of the Führer's proclamations that Germany was his only bride. Görtemaker paints a portrait of Hitler and Braun's life together with unnerving quotidian detail--Braun chose the movies screened at their mountaintop retreat (propaganda, of course); he dreamed of retiring with her to Linz one day after relinquishing his leadership to a younger man--while weaving their personal relationship throughout the fabric of one of history's most devastating regimes. Though Braun gradually gained an unrivaled power within Hitler's inner circle, her identity was kept a secret during the Third Reich, until the final days of the war. Faithful to the end, Braun committed suicide with Hitler in 1945, two days after their marriage.

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Görtemaker’s biography of Eva Braun is a real page turner. Much of the mystery of the inner circle of the diabolical Nazi regime is fleshed out in compelling style. The characters are not demonized nor idealized. Görtemaker, like Kershaw, has written a very human account of an historical figure.

From one of Germany's leading young historians, the first comprehensive biography of Eva Braun, Hitler's devoted mistress, finally wife, and the hidden First Lady of the Third Reich. In this groundbreaking biography of Eva Braun, German historian Heike GOrtemaker reveals Hitler's mistress as more than just a vapid blonde whose concerns never extended beyond her vanity table. Twenty-three years his junior, Braun first met Hitler when she took a position as an assistant to his personal photographer. Capricious, but uncompromising and fiercely loyal--she married Hitler two days before committing suicide with him in Berlin in 1945--her identity was kept secret by the Third Reich until the final days of the war. Through exhaustive research, newly discovered documentation, and anecdotal accounts, GOrtemaker turns preconceptions about Eva Braun and Hitler on their head, and builds a portrait of the little-known Hitler far from the public eye.