Brewers' broadcaster Bob Uecker's birthday

Catcher In The Wry: Outrageous but True Stories of Baseball


Bob Uecker Miller Lite commercial, 1984. ()

Bob Uecker has seen plenty of players work themselves out of jams, but the Milwaukee Brewers’ radio announcer found himself in quite the pickle Wednesday.

I'm a Mets fan, but a reader with Brewers connections has gifted me with various Ueckenalia over the years -- I'm sitting not two feet from a Uecker alarm clock -- and he's such a good announcer for the Brewers that sometimes I listen to their games just for him. I forget that he was known to most of America as a self-styled figure of incompetent fun 30 years ago, and I do enjoy some of the other Miller Lite ads -- Billy and George is probably the best known -- but Ueck's are my favorite. Vin Scully gets all the attention (and deserves 95 percent of it) but Bob Uecker's a very fine baseball radio grandpa too.

Bob Uecker kicking back a glass of scotch.

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Bob Uecker kicking back a glass of scotch.

Schroeder began his career behind the microphone in 1995 following a distinguished playing career as a catcher. Only Hall of Famer Bob Uecker has broadcast more games in franchise history. On July 17, 2015, Schroeder was enshrined on the prestigious Brewers Wall of Honor.

A versatile talent, Uecker's credits go far beyond guest appearances and play-by-play. In 1985, he launched a television acting career as one of the stars of ABC's sitcom Mr. Belvedere, which put 122 episodes into syndication. He also hosted two syndicated television shows, Bob Uecker's Wacky World of Sports and Bob Uecker's War of the Stars.