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You might skip past the dedication in a book, ..

Usually book acknowledgements are located in the front of a book after pages such as the title page, copyright page, any disclaimer page, the dedication page, and after the foreword. Before the introduction and content of the book, and sometimes before or after the table of contents is where the book acknowledgment is included. with acknowledgement pages included.

While similar, a book acknowledgment differs from a dedication. A dedication can be where you offer praise to associates, family, or friends for inspiration and support in creating your book. You can also dedicate your book to your readers, a family member or any individual or organization. A dedication can be one sentence or even a few pages that describe a story of the inspiration for your project. A book acknowledgment is more commonly a list.

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When you include someone in a book acknowledgment you are thanking the person in print publicly. There is great power in acknowledging others for their efforts and contributions. In addition to showing your appreciation, acknowledgments are a terrific opportunity for marketing your book. Send each person or organization on your list a thank you note and a copy of your book letting them know their name is under the acknowledgments. They will spread the word about your book.

What follows are the acknowledgments that will be published as part of my forthcoming book, . I am publishing these here because this public venue has been so very important in helping me write the book. I would also like to hear from readers about what you look for when you read book acknowledgments. I should note that I wrote these almost a year ago, and that if I were to write them now I would change a few things, add a few people, etc. Perhaps I will make such revisions and additions explicit in the near future. But for now I post these acknowledgments as they will appear in the book.